Music/social media/creative industry jobs, opportunities and events (W/B 17th September 2018)

Do you want to work in the creative industry (music and social media in particular) but aren’t sure where to start? Tired of scrolling through job listings and coming up empty?  Tweeter or Talent has you covered!

Many jobs/events are London-based but to request some for your local area please get in contact here / To have your event or job listing posted please get in contact here

Most jobs will be paid, but where UN is used = unspecified. M = music job / SM = social media / O = other Information in the tweets are majorly shortened from the job spec, for further info please contact the company directly. Good luck!

TOP TIPS (for more join our mailing list, where you will also get first access to jobs and events –

  • Email/DM people you want to work with & state career goals, experience, what you can offer
  • Improve your digital skills ASAP
  • Google a desired job title, open 10-15 results & identify repeated skill. Add to your CV if you have them
  • Follow and keep up with the industry & its members on social media


<SM> Freelance social media manager for @DMDyea podcast
Please contact:

<O> Productions Intern, Globe (UMG), closing UN –
Salary: UN
Experience: working in content, knowledge of production systems and processes
Role: Designing onscreen and print treatments for programme and content ideas

<M> <O> TAM Assisstant, MTV, closing 21st Sep –
Salary: UN
Experience: similar support role, working with top end executives, interest in an assistant role in the medium term
Role: Provide day to day assistance and support to the VP Talent and Music International

<SM> Marketing Intern, VANS, closing –
Salary: UN
Experience: energetic, creative, driven with a desire to become a Marketing professional
Role: Distribution of marketing assets in line with key product launches

<M> <O> Head of Music Content, Red Bull, closing UN –
Salary: UN
Experience: Intuitive understanding of music content and its potential – based on exceptional knowledge, editorial skills and reputation in the scene
Role: define and lead the creative and editorial strategy for Red Bull’s Music content across all platforms and entities
<M> Events Ticketing Manager, Live Nation, closing UN –
Salary: UN
Experience: Demonstrable knowledge and experience of live Event Ticketing
Role: to maximise ticket sales and revenue by providing effective ticketing information and advice

<O> Lead Engineer, IMG Studios, closing 27 Sep –
Salary: UN
Experience: operational experience as a TV Facilities Engineer with knowledge and a firm understanding of studio and post-production equipment and workflows
Role: engineering support service of the Live and Post-Production facilities areas


Music Networking in Central London, 19th September – aimed at artists looking to expand their network in the industry as well as bloggers, managers, producers, musicians and any creatives that want to be part of the network =

Music Tech workshop w/ The Woods Studios, 22nd and 23rd Sep, – a drop in music technology and networking event –

The Circuit: Mentoring & Networking for Creative Entrepreneurs, 25th Sep – a panel discussion with leading creative business experts in legal, finance, marketing, investment –

Music Tech Week Summit, 26th September – exploring how music and technology work together to help artists, managers, labels and publishers reach new audiences =

The Empowered Musician, 4th October – discussions with innovative musicians and music industry experts with panels, tips for success, developments in the industry, challenges =

A Guide to Survival in the Music Industry, 10th Oct – a discussion and learning about mental health in the music industry –

Tileyard Education, 20th October – The Pop Music Songwriting Workshop = a rare and detailed insight into the tools, techniques and best practice of writing commercial pop songs to brief =

BBC Music Introducing Live, 8th-10th November – showcasing a range of careers in music, as well as discovery and inspiration =





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